our process

Communication and relationship building is the foundation of all my work. First step: I listen. In order to design a space that reflects a client’s personality or brand identity, I first have to understand their why, their goals, their brand.

Shianne Swinehart

it starts with You

A strong, unique brand speaks to your audience, identifies with them, communicates your values, and builds lasting trust. That’s where it all starts - identifying your brand, discovering what it stands for, and how to best represent that in your office through interior design.

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Conceptualization Phase

In this initial phase we use your brand, floor plan and goals to conceptualize an overall look and feel for your office.

You didn’t envision your practice as a carbon copy of the dentist down the street, so your office shouldn’t feel like it, either. We take a very detailed, brand-forward approach and start with a clean slate every time, ensuring every practice we work with is designed uniquely to you. If we are doing our “job” right, no two offices should ever look or feel the same.


In this second phase we make all finish selections, designing from the floor up.

Every design element in your office space is a direct reflection of your brand. We make sure they’re cohesive, functional, beautiful, and long-lasting by individually selecting items that match your brand, and match your goals.After we have coordinated all brand appropriate finish selections and their install details they are handed off to your contractor with your approval.

Finishing Phase

In this final phase we select all furniture, artwork and design all custom environmental graphics to create a cohesive branded experience for you, your team and patients.

After the finishing touches are set, and the doors are open for patients, we want you to feel comfortable in your space, having the confidence to build a culture on trust and the values that align with your practice. A place for you, your staff, and patients to feel comfortable. A place to call home.